Consolidating contracting services

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We offer the full spectrum of logistic, contracting and procurement services necessary to construct and operate these projects in different fields.

We work with broad spectrum of clients, including international organizations, national governments, civil society, and other private companies covering the MENA region.

Some were smart enough to keep the local company identity — others weren’t.

In retrospect, I can’t think of any one consolidator who has had an unquestionably viable answer to the very simple question: What makes you guys different - why should I buy from you?

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GCC is a full-service general contractor serving most Turn- key projects.

The consolidated contract combines funding for multiple programs into a single, cost-based reimbursement contract for each LHD.

GAC is a secure, password-protected, web-based application that facilitates the negotiation of programmatic objectives and tracks funding allocations.

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In the desire to beat out the competition for acquisition, many closed a blind eye to some of the potential pitfalls that come with trying to herd fiercely independent individuals.

Some, who shall remain unmentioned, just made bad deals. Although not necessarily company-wide, a number of locations across the country have done quite well, growing steadily and yielding very respectable profit margins — a testimonial to the individuals at the helms of these operations.

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